Taking the Winding Road to a Kiss of the Bricks

Since 1911 many, many drivers have kissed the bricks after winning at Indainapolis Motor Speedway. Actually, although racing began at the Brickyard over a century ago, the first victory kiss of the bricks did not happen until Dale Jarrett's spontaneous celebration after winning the NASCAR race there in 1996. The kiss caught on quickly, though, and now everyone who wins at Indy heads for the famous yard of bricks at the start/finish line to lay down a kiss.

Last Friday the duo of Joao Barbosa and Christian Fittipaldi became only the third prototype sports car drivers to Kiss the Bricks, after winning the IMSA Brickyard Grand Prix.

Their dominant run over the Indy road course and jubilant post-race celebration yielded many cool photos and here are a few of my favorites.

Welcome to Pit Road

Happy Winners


Hoist the Trophies

Ready for The Kiss


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2014 Brickyard Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, July 2014 - Images by Brian Cleary


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Post-processing: how much is too much?

Once again, while editing photos from this past weekend's Brickyard Grand Prix sports car race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The image above is one that I had pre visualized when panning cars late in the race in a backlit situation with some rim lighting around the edges of the car.

I knew that image would have to be heavily post-processed to achieve the look I was after, as there was too much ambient light for the background to fall off as darkly as I'd like it to. Plus while the final image looks as if it was taken at night, it was still daylight when the image was shot.

The image above is the camera original and shows how it looked straight out of the camera. As you can see it is a much different picture than the one at the top of the page. Basically I went into levels in photoshop and compressed the highlights and shadows via the levels sliders.

I then darkened the mid-tones, again via the levels slider. Finally, I dodged some of the sponsor logos to help them jump of the page. I feel that this is a fair representation of the original scene as long as it is to be used in an artistic or commercial way, where there is much more room for artistic interpretation.

Finally, if I were using this image in an editorial or photojournalistic environment, I would probably go with the above version, where I opened the shadows a little, enhanced the redness of the race car a little, sharpened the image and bumped the contest slightly. This would be a sound version to include in a journalistic report of the event , in my eyes.

We have many, many tools at our disposal today to enhance and alter the images that come out of our cameras., often enabling us to create apparent realities that did not actually exist. It's the photographer's responsibility to decide how far he or she should go with an images' post-processing and often this is dictated by what the final use of the image will be. In any case, the photographer should put some thought into the application of post-processing and be ready to defend his or her decisions.

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2014 Brickyard Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, July 2014 - Images by Brian Cleary


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3 Racy Weeks in July at BCPix.com

The month of july was a busy one at BCPix.com, as assignments took me to iconic racing venues to photograph 3 different forms of auto racing. The month opened at Daytona with the running of NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series in the Coke Zero 400:

The green flag waves to start the Coke Zero 400

NASCAR's iconic #43 makes a pit stop

After rain stopped the race, winner Aric Almirola celebrated in victory lane

The next stop was the first of two consecutive weekends in Canada, the first was at Bowmanville, Ontario's famous Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Mosport

Canadian beauty on the grid on a beautifyl Canadian day

Wayne Taylor Racing's Corvette DP races down the front stretch

Morning rain showers turned to afternoon champagne showers of Gustavo Yacaman and Olivier Pla

The third weekend was spent shooting Indy Cars racing through the street of Toronto

Will Power concentrates i n his race car

Sebastien Bourdais celebrates his pole position run

Mike Conway streaks to victory in the second Sunday race

For complete galleries of the above races visit the links below:

Coke Zero 400

Canadian Tire Grand Prix

Toronto Indy


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Scenes from the Six Hours

Another Six Hours of the Glen sports car race presented itself before our lenses this past weekend and, as always, the beautiful road course in upstate New York did not disappoint. Below are a few selections from my photographic take at the classic sports car racing venue.

The classic Watkins Glen start

Through the looking glass

Action Express at speed

Gustavo Yacaman at rest

Support race turn one fiasco


Cooling off after a hot stint

Red on Blue

Black on Black

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Battle for the Lead in NY

Champagne Celebration

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