Christmas is Coming . . and Photogs need gifts too!

As the Holidays once again draw near (already!!??), I will offer up a new batch of gifts ideas from the people at I have personally ordered all of these items in the past year and have found them to be either clever, useful, fun, great bargains or all of the above! If you are lucky enough to be an Amazon Prime member, these items can be at your door in just 2 days with free shipping included! So if you find yourself strapped for time in your quest to fill the stocking of the photographer in your life, consider these ideas, as recommended by me, a fellow photog, from

Among the ideas: virtually every photo filter you've ever imagined to enhance your creativity:

A 20MP Canon DSLR for under $1000 that takes EOS lenses, shoots 1080HD video, has wifi and is loaded with features:

A small Canon point and shoot, also with wifi and 1080HD video you can slip into your pocket and never leave home without it:

A dust-blowing dynamo in a small, easy to transport size:

A very cool and trendy Holga pinhole lens that fits your Canon EOS DSLR:

A handy carrying case for your nightstand or tripod:

and a 1TB external hard drive for under $70 that will store a ton of photos:

So there, now that your shopping is done, you can thank me later, and in the meantime, have a great holiday season!


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