Thoughts of a part-time motorcycle racing photographer

Just off my latest assignment, covering the Tornado Nationals AMA Motorcycle races at Heartland Park Topeka, in Topeka, KS:

-Motorcycle racers are among the craziest people I ever point my camera at.

-They all have that look in their eyes that says they've been to a place where the rest of us will never go.

-It's a pleasant change to be able to wear shorts while covering a motorsports event, this is generally unheard of in car racing.

-Are there snakes in Kansas? Spent a lot of time tromping around in knee-high grass this weekend contemplating this.

-When you make a mistake on a motorcycle, the consequences are quick and unpleasant!

-Motorcycles are smaller and quicker than race cars, and much more difficult to shoot.

-It's hard to get a large variety of photos when the race is only 20 minutes long.

-Motorcycles and motorcycle riders seem to attract a lot of pretty women.

-I'll be on a plane en route to Watkins Glen in 2 days to transform back into a race car photographer.



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