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BC Pix Photo of the Day - Images by Brian Cleary

Many of the thousands of photographs appearing on bcpix.com are now available as prints from 4x6 all the way up to 20x30 inches. Customers are able to custom crop their selections during the order process and choose between a variety of finishes including lustre, glossy and matte. A variety of shipping options is also available, depending on the customers time-sensitivity.

And now, through the end of March 2010, all prints on bcpix.com are available at a special rate of 10 percent off the regular price. (coupon code 10OFFMAR2010 at checkout)

To price and then get the option of purchasing a print, go to the image you desire on bcpix.com and click on the "add to cart" link to the right of the image. This will give you the available print sizes as well as pricing for the print. Should you decide to purchase the print, just copy and paste the coupon code 10OFFMAR2010 into the box at checkout.

BCPix.com is the evergrowing online archive of Florida-based freelance photographer Brian Cleary, who's been shooting sports, motorsports, photojournalism, stock, nature and animal photography since 1981.

Whether you're a a scale modeler in need of reference prints for a 1980's NASCAR project or just someone needing to fill an empty spot of your wall, you can begin your search through the online photo archive at bcpix.com by entering search terms in the box below.

BCPIX.COM houses the ever-growing online photo archive of Florida -based freelance photographer Brian Cleary, whose fledgling video catalog can be found at pond5.com, as well as a unique collection of stock video created from his still photo archive at bcpix.tradebit.com

Thanks, and happy browsing,

Brian Cleary


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www.bcpix.com is the online home for the photographic archive of Florida-based photographer Brian Cleary. At this portal not only can you search and browse an ever-growing collection of photography covering more than 30 years, but many of the images are available for online purchase as editorial images, commercial images and/or personal use prints.