Being prepared for when you're unprepared

Have you ever stumbled across a great photo opp only to find yourself self camera-less and looking at the missed opportunity, trying not to think of the photos your not going to get?

This happened to me last weekend in Kansas City. I was driving to the airport and had a little time to kill. As I drove past a large Cabella's outdoor store, I decided to stop in and browse for a few minutes. The store featured an huge, incredible taxidermy display and I soon found myself wishing my camera was available, but it was packed away and I did not have time to unpack my gear and still get to the airport on time. I did, however, have my little Aptek HD 720 camera in my pocket. Not my first option for high quality documentary photography, but at least I could grab a few pics.

As I walked through the display snapping away, and enjoying the way that the animals were positioned in relation to one another to create a series of real-world looking scenes, I thought that these pictures might be great candidates for a little photoshop session.

While the camera original images from a lower-res point and shoot may not be up to your regular standards, you may be able to produce an interesting picture by tweeking it in the computer. I look at these situations, as a chance to practice my photoshop skills and get a little creative. Start throwing some filters and effects on the images an see what happens. You may be surprised at what you come up with.

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