The Back-Stabber

I watched from the bank of the canal as the Blue Heron performed the familiar head wobble as it tried to focus on its prey. I'd seen it many times, but one thing wasn't right. This big bird was pointing toward the tall grass along the shoreline, not at the water. I was used to seeing this ritual whenever a blue heron was about to pluck a fish dinner from the water, but I realized that there probably weren't too many fish lurking in the shoreline vegetation. What was this bird stalking?

No sooner had I asked myself the question, when the bird dove awkwardly into the underbrush. It stood up with a plump Marsh Rat impaled on its bill. I clicked away with my Canon T-90. The bird stood still for a few seconds and then took flight with its fresh rat dinner, sailing away to enjoy the meal in privacy.

You can view more photos at : The Heron and the Rat.


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