Practice Makes Perfect

iPhone Photography by Brian Cleary - Images by Brian Cleary
Practice makes perfect , so they say, and that axiom is as true in photography as it is in any other endeavor. But it's not always practical to carry around a lot of photo and editing gear to practice your craft. I've found, however, that my iPhone camera, a photo editing apps and one cool web site helps to keep my eye and editing skills sharp no matter where I am.

The "Best Camera" iPhone app is my newest discovery. The idea is to snap a photo with your iPhone, perform some basic editing and upload it to the "Best Camera" site, where it will be instantly available for online viewing and judging.

Armed with the fixed-focal length iPhone, you are forced to work with the equipment you have at hand. Knowing what basic editing tools you have available to you helps you to pre-visualize your final photo. It is often surprising what photos perform well in the online voting and what photos do not. This can also be an interesting barometer for current popular photo tastes, which may in some way help you when it comes time to look for stock photo ideas and come up with self-assignments.

I find the phot-taking, editing and uploading an interesting pastime when waiting for airplanes, sightseeing in unfamiliar cities and just hanging with the family on the weekend.

You can also vie and rate other photog's work on the "Best Camera" web site. It is really surprising what the iPhone camera can do in the holds on a creative person.

I've also experimented with a variety of 3rd party photo editing apps available at the iPhone app store.

So jump on the app store and search "best camera" and "photography", load your iPhone with apps and start shooting.

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