One of those weekends- Coming home with a bunch of broken stuff

Although this past weekend at Virginia International Raceway was a great shooting weekend (see my VIR AMA Big Kahuna Nationals Gallery), it was one of those weekends that the self-employed freelancer dreads: Lots of broken stuff! Fresh of my recent smashed iPhone episode, the after effects of which I'm still dealing with, I cut a fresh swath of destruction through my gear at an otherwise fine weekend at VIR.

1- I discovered that my scooter had some contaminated gas in its tank, which made it impossible for me to travel more than a couple of hundred yards before conking out. Although not a serious problem , I still was unprepared to deal with it, having neither the time nor the tolls to make the repair.

2- During one of my halting scooter rides, my camera swung down against the moving rear wheel, smashing the lens hood of my 7-200 zoom. POOF! there goes $50.

3- About half way through the day on Saturday, I began to notice the dreaded horizontal light streak through the images on the back of my EOS 1D Mark IIn. Blown Shutter and another $300 evaporates just like that.

4- Early Sunday morning as I was unpacking and setting up in the media center, I fumbled the same 70-200 zoom and it bounced on the floor, now the front barrel of the lens wobbles unsteadily. Although the lens still shoots, I'm certain this effects the focusing and it will have to go in for repairs, probably another $200.

5- Later that day, in a hurry to get out on the track to shoot, I shoved my strobe in the pocket of my cargo shorts, and halfway across the paddock, it flew to the ground, smashing the transparent plastic piece on the front . Another $100? $125?

Thank god the races came to an end before I was able to cause any more damage and now I'm scrambling to fix everything before heading out to next weekend's Grand-Am race in Montreal!


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