Cheap Plastic Camera pics - coming full circle

Back in the late 1960's my father bought me a cheap plastic camera. It was a Diana camera that took 127 roll film, and served as my introduction to photography. The great thing about the camera was that you could happily snap away without any worries about shutter speeds and apertures (I had no idea what they even were!) and still end up with a pile of decent photos to study and share.

The grey plastic camera accompanied my everywhere, to Daytona Speedway, to the beach, on vacations and I still have some of the negatives it produced. So on a recent vacation to Sarasota, FL, while making a mandatory stop in a toy store with my wife and kids, I couldn't resist when I spotted a cheap plastic Pop Cam 35mm film camera.

This camera features 4 lenses, each with a different color filter, and snaps four pictures in rapid succession on a single frame of 35mm film, each through a different filter. The intent is to create Warhol-style images with a graphic, poster kind of look. Every frame is not a work of art, for sure, and it takes some though to produce interesting photos. What I like about it is the ability to shoot away without any thought to shutter speed, aperture, focus, etc. Kind of like my childhood efforts with the old Diana.

The little Pop Cam has developed a small cult-type following and even has some dedicated followers on Flickr.

If you find your creativity bogged down in the daily grind of the technical and business side of photography, you might consider picking up a cheap plastic camera and go out to shoot some "just for fun" photos.


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